Here at Death Set Apparel we believe in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a beautiful art form used for means of self discipline and awareness. It is an effective martial art used across the world that is a thrill to see in a competitive setting. We also believe that BJJ is a combat sport used to defend yourself and neutralize opposition when necessary. The same gritty unforgiving attitude that molded New York City is what we deliver in our overall aesthetic and design of apparel. 

We enjoy fighting, smoking weed, and not giving a fuck about the conformity and capitalism of this martial art. We do Jiu Jitsu for the love of it, not the politics. We focus on limited premium quality apparel.

We work exclusively with Brooklyn Printhouse where all of our lifestyle apparel is printed by hand. Excluding compression gear.*

Nothing is reprinted.**

Each person has their own self expression and this is ours. Fuck with us.



*Some placement of hand printed apparel graphics are subject to slight change.

**All sales are final due to the limited quantities.